Careful Movers is a local full-service moving and storage company offering storage for any situation. Whether it’s temporary or long-term, storage in our Seattle facilities is safe and secure. Our indoor storage units’ interiors are even heated to ensure your belongings stay intact and are properly stored. We are a proud WA and Seattle based business and love serving our local area. Serving Edmonds and surrounding areas, Careful Movers is dedicated to protecting your belongings with the utmost care, while building long-lasting rxelationships with our customers.

Frustrated with the hassle of trying to move your bulky furniture into storage?  Hate the worry of self storage unit? You’ve come to the right place! Careful Movers will pick up your items from your home and deliver them to your personal storage unit.  We’re a one-stop-shop, aiming to meet all of your storage needs in the Seattle and Tacoma area.



Most people have heard of self storage and have even rented storage space in the past. Yet a countless number have never heard of secured storage. Our secured storage business operates Seattle area storage units. Our facility is indoor, has unit locks, 24/7 video surveillance and alarms, and allows no unsupervised and public access. Even your home isn’t as safe and well monitored as Careful Movers’ secured storage facility. A self storage unit in Seattle is usually located outdoors, so anyone walking through the facilities can see units from the exterior, view, and have access to your unit. Because self storage options are located outdoors, they don’t have the climate control capabilities to protect your precious possessions from heat or cold. Every unit in our facility is temperature-controlled, so your belongings are unharmed by outside temperature fluctuations. We offer ground floor storage for bulky items and commercial type shipments like freight pallets and pianos. In our above ground storage facilities, we have individual roll down door units for longer term personal storage. There really is no contest when deciding between self storage and a secured unit; a safe, secured unit is the way to go.



Sometimes the office can feel crowded with extraneous equipment and unused office supplies. Storing unused business inventory will help keep the work environment organized and productive. If you are in the legal or medical fields, you know the need for long term record storage is absolute. We provide low-cost pick-up service of records and files for storage. Record storage and file storage of sensitive client material must be stored in a safe and highly secure location. Our file storage units are in individual locking units with roll down doors. Our Seattle storing warehouse is not open to the public, so all of your business records and files are safe when stored in our facility.

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    Time can pass in the blink of an eye, and some don’t realize just how much they have accumulated until it’s time to move. Others do not want to store their bulkier possessions in their living space and wish to rent a storage unit for the long term. Whichever situation you might find yourself in, here are the top benefits of using our Seattle area storage facility.


    Protection from Seattle Environmental Factors

    Just because you have room for storage, doesn’t mean your items are properly stored. Most attics, garages, and basements are dark and often damp, which increases the risk of damage from the cold environment. A mini unit located in WA state is often not heated and fluctuations in temperature and humidity can destroy antique wood furniture, sound boards on pianos, old tapes of home videos, and many other beloved items. Our Seattle based storage units are dry, indoor, and have a controlled climate to prevent any damage to your belongings.


    Declutters Your Home

    Living in a cluttered house can reduce the rest and relaxation that you want to feel in your own home. Large items or many belongings can make your living area feel messy and disorganized while taking up unnecessary room. Over a lifetime, people can accumulate many important and sentimental belongings that need a place, but do not need to be stored in your WA residence. Renting a storage space for unused or seasonal possessions will give you extra space and increase the quality of your Seattle dwelling space.


    Putting things in Storage Reduces Risk of Theft

    Keeping your most valuable possessions at home may not be the most secure place for storing. Self storage options don’t measure up to our top-of-the-line secured storage. Our storage facilities take maximum security measures such as unit locks, security cameras, and 24/7 monitoring, giving you peace of mind. Our units have no public or unsupervised access and are video camera secure. We also have 24hr monitoring and alarm systems. We are a private storage facility, and the safety of your belongings is our top priority. Because of this we offer access to our units only during our business hours. We operate on appointment only. If you book an appointment, you’ll be escorted up by one of our staff at no charge. Having no unlimited public access to our facility we are able to ensure better security for your items. Our specialty storage is designed for maximum protection from all factors and that is why we are trusted to store many priceless items. We once stored an original one-of-a-kind hand carved Steinway grand piano bound for Tiffany’s auction valued at $1.8M!


    Gives You More Flexibility and Less Hassle

    Living in a temporary dwelling, for a month or extended period of time can sometimes be an inconvenience. Whether it is due to a job or traveling, it can feel unsettling when you have many possessions to deal with. Renting a storage option for non-essential or everyday items can make you feel more flexible and less burdened, knowing that there is permanent space for your personal items.


    Helping with Transitions

    Life is full of obstacles and critical phases of transition. It may be necessary to use storage units to store your belongings while figuring out and planning your next move. Be it global pandemics making you lose your job or home, a change in dwelling or living situation, we are here to help you make the necessary moves to cope with these challenges. You have options; we are all in this together. We offer no contact curbside pick-up of items for your personal storage unit as well as no contact removal of debris or unwanted items. Careful Movers employees are all dedicated and willing to stay in the fight. We are still working, and our movers are willing to face this fight and stay operating for you.


    Storage Helps You Downsize

    Switching from a large or medium size home to a smaller home happens all the time. Some want more flexibility and mobility to visit family or travel and view the quiet beauty of our beloved state of WA; others want to leave the hassle and additional expenses of living in a larger apartment or house behind them. When people downsize, typically they have more furniture and belongings than the new space can hold. If you’re not ready to give up those items yet, renting our Seattle heated storage units may be the perfect solution. Because we have individualized units for both large and small items, you won’t have to worry about storing your belongings in multiple different areas of your new residence.



    Sometimes there are items in your household that you need more immediate access to. As storage experts, we want to offer tips for storage solutions for those belongings. If storing items in a basement, store on shelves in case of flooding. Additionally, don’t use cardboard boxes which are destroyed in water. Instead choose storage solutions that are more water-resistant, such as plastic totes or bins. To ensure your small items won’t be lost or broken, categorize and organize them while packing your items for storage in your home. Write labels with a list of the items in the box and paste it on the top and side of the box for easy accessibility and so you can view exactly what you have in self storage. For valuable and fragile belongings that are sensitive to extreme temperatures or humidity, such as videotapes, antique furniture, or heirloom clothing, store in temperature-controlled areas such as closets. If you don’t have extra room for these items, give us a call and we’d be happy to store your items in your personal unit in our secure and temperature-controlled facility.


    Email or call us today for a free quote.  We look forward to answering all your questions and giving you an unbeatable price for your storing needs.  We are currently offering special discounts for new storage customers with free pick up of items with long term storage of a year or more.  Yes! FREE pick up of records or file storage from Seattle and free pickup of household good items for storage of 12 months or more!  We have limited capacity so call or email with questions on this promotion.   Our business is designed to handle every aspect of your family’s move. Experience Careful Movers quality services and see it for yourself.  Careful Movers guarantees that you will be happy with our storage service. Visit our Facebook page or give us a call now!


    Everyone knows that moving can be a hassle, from boxing your medium and small size items, lifting your large furniture, to loading up your vehicle, taking multiple trips to transport your belongings, unloading your vehicle, and finally unboxing and finding a place for all of your belongings in your new house or apartment. It can be a big ordeal. If you are staying within WA state, new to the area, or leaving Seattle, no matter the size of the move, you don’t have to do it yourself, you have options. We can help! Not only are we in the business of helping people move, but we offer storage options for those arriving or leaving the Seattle area. Our movers are top notch and each vehicle is equipped with all of the tools necessary for your belongings safety. Our storage options in Seattle are ready for use for the items that you don’t want to move with you but still cherish. If you are new to WA and the Seattle area and need a place to store while you get settled in, our Seattle facilities are here for you. We want to give you the ability to store your necessary and everyday items in the life storage of your own home by giving you the peace of mind that your other possessions are protected and secured. If you live in or near Medicine Hat, check out our partner Piano Movers Medicine Hat for piano moving.

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    Do you offer a Seattle self-storage unit?

    Because we value the safety of our Seattle area customers’ belongings, we have a team dedicated to the security and maintenance of our storage facilities. Therefore, we do not offer any Seattle self units for storage and instead use our team to help each of our customers with their personal unit. See above on why secured storage is superior to self storage. Seattle self units are a thing of the past. 


    What is the cost of a Seattle unit?

    Call us and we’d be happy to give you a free quote! We have a fantastic web rate going on, fill out a form above to view our savings every month.

    Do you provide removal services?

    For the time being, we do not provide junk removal services. We can however recommend Bakersfield junk removal service for your removal needs.

     What are your Seattle unit rates?

    Call us and we can tell you our per month rating for our medium and small size storage selections. We operate by the square foot on month to month basis so we have plenty of unit selections available for you to choose from.


    What is the size of your Seattle climate control storage unit?

    We have both small and medium size units available. Our facility is multi-leveled, so we have the capacity to store both average size items, and bigger heavier items. To learn about the square feet of each individual unit, reach out to us or fill out a free estimate form. 


    What climate controlled storage unit options do you have available?

    Contact us for a free quote and to set up an appointment. Tour our Seattle area facilities, see units size, what rate we can offer you and what storage options we have available! Learn more about our by month web rate today to save on a Seattle unit.