Careful Movers is a trusted full-service moving company, specializing in piano moving and storage. Being a family-owned and operated business for over 25 years we know how to get your piano to the right place safely and intact. Our team of specially trained professional piano movers is dependable and will treat your piano with the utmost care.

We specialize in piano moving – serving the cities of Edmonds, Seattle, Bellevue, Lynnwood, Everett, Olympic Peninsula and the entire state of Washington – because we understand the value and preciousness of owning a piano. It’s not just another piece of furniture for us. It’s a beautiful musical instrument that expands artistic abilities, sharpens fine motor skills, and is dear to the musician’s heart.

Careful Movers (All Star Transfer) has been moving and storing pianos of all types and sizes for a quarter century. We’re known as the largest piano mover on the west coast having moved over 15,000 pianos. We know everything there is to know and nearly everyone in the piano industry. Careful Movers works with piano stores including Sherman Clay Piano, Classic Pianos, as well as Prosser Piano, and all the local tuners. As All Star Transfer, we received all of the brand-new pianos for the above mentioned stores direct for Steinway, Yamaha, Boston, and Young Chang including even Bosendorfers. Our skilled team would receive and uncrate the new pianos and deliver them to the respective stores and then deliver them to the customers when they sold. We have then since moved thousands of pianos again for the people that bought them.

We pride ourselves in knowing it would be difficult to find a piano in the state of Washington that we have not artfully and carefully moved. Whether you are moving your Baldwin Acrosonic, or your Steinway D concert grand, we are your trusted piano mover and we take seriously the history and care we have taken to build this reputation.


    Not all items need a crate, but sometimes it’s the best protection for moving a piano. When transporting internationally or interstate using freight carriers or regular movers, it is necessary or recommended that it be crated. Once a piano is crated by Careful Movers it can be forklifted or handled by movers that don’t have the Careful touch of professional piano movers. Sometimes you are in a situation where your company is supplying a move across country and the van lines just don’t have the experience to properly prep your piano. We can come in and prep or crate your piano as a 3rd party service. When we are done crating your piano you could have a high-school football team move it and it will stay safe and un-damaged in the crate. As we strive to cover all aspects of the moving process, we understand that we can’t move them all so let us get your instrument ready for those that must. Our in-house specialists build crates for any size piano – large or compact – uniquely designed for maximum protection on site if necessary. Moreover, packing these cherished items is indeed a skill in itself and that’s why our professional piano movers go through intensive training to handle pianos properly.

    And that’s not all! We can handle your international or interstate piano move from start to finish handling the local pick up, delivery and ocean transport so you don’t have to worry about the details. That’s because we’re not a family that messes around when it comes to your valuable items. We’re fully-equipped for any move, big or small, and promise to precisely deliver your piano the way we found it.


    If your new home doesn’t have the space for your piano, Careful Movers can store it for you! Our storage facilities are designed to store your piano safely, with a controlled climate and highly secured access. Careful Movers maintains up to 100 pianos stored in our warehouse at any given time. We come to your home or business and break down and wrap your grand piano or upright piano. Storing them on their sides on professional moving boards we wrap and protect the sound board and the finish from deterioration and light damage. Much like a wine cellar, our warehouse is low light and concrete walls that maintain a level of humidity and temperature that is optimal for the pianos well-being. Like a fine wine we understand that pianos need the same kind of attention and care to keep their “flavor” intact. We have some pianos that we have been storing for over 20 years. We are trusted to store pianos used by professional musicians like Queensrÿche and Pearl Jam. We also have many pianos that were brought into storage because of the passing of a loved one. If a loved one passes on a family heirloom to you, but your living situation doesn’t allow for it to be with you, then Careful Movers will store it at a very reasonable monthly rate. We also offer free local pick-up with long term auto pay storage contract.

    “My Grandmothers piano was a fixture in our family, and I remember looking up at it as a child and watching my family gather around it at Christmas” said one of our customers.

    After all, pianos aren’t your typical furniture for moving. They require special handling and equipment to get the job done safely. By choosing Careful Movers to store with, you can take comfort knowing your piano is in good hands and being properly cared for in and outside of storage. Storage until your living space is ready to have it back or you decided to pass it on to someone else in the family. Our movers practice the same meticulous approach and will deliver it to your desired location with safety and care.


    No matter the weight or size of your piano, we promise to plan accordingly for proper preparation, packaging, and transporting it to its new location.  From the time you contact us, to the moment your piano is securely present at its final destination, Careful Movers promises to deliver the best service possible and a happy piano to follow.

    Call us today for a free quote.  We’re looking forward to hearing from you!