There’s nothing more relaxing than sitting in a hot jacuzzi with the jets turned on after a long and stressful day. They’re also great for group entertainment, such as neighborhood BBQs, family gatherings, and summer night parties.  But, when it comes to moving a hot tub, that’s a different story.  Transporting a hot tub is a complicated job that comes with many steps, tools, and specialized equipment needed for a successful relocation.  Therefore, hiring a professional hot tub mover for your jacuzzi needs is the way to go, saving you money in the long-run. We have designed and built our own state of the art hot tub moving sled that we are considering a patent on.  Careful Movers is constantly innovating the moving business to make moving specialty items faster, safer and quicker.  Check out our Facebook page and see us in action!


Serving as a one-stop-shop in the professional moving business, Careful Movers is well-known and trusted for transporting hot tubs.  Our professionalism and 25 years of experience ensure that your jacuzzi arrives intact while giving you peace of mind.  Whether you’re moving to a new home with your current spa or buying a used hot tub on Craigslist, we guarantee 100% customer satisfaction and a move safely done. Whether you need your hot tub delivered to your next home or put in storage for a couple of months, Careful Movers has all of your moving and storing needs accounted for.


    Hot tubs are expensive, coming in all different shapes, sizes, and weights.  At Careful Movers, we don’t approach every jacuzzi as a one-size-fits-all kind of job, as it’s one of the hardest things to move.  That’s why our team of highly trained professionals have the tools and equipment to move even the most challenging ones.  Many people are buying their tubs off of craigslist or buying on-line and having the tub delivered.  Unfortunately, they don’t always tell you that the delivery is only curbside, and you have to get the new tub around your house to its resting place.  Weather it is an online purchase, or a used craigslist move locally, we have done it all and will make your hot tub purchase as relaxing as when you sit in it!  But an essential thing they all have in common are the steps of hot tub moving.



    1. Planning – One of the most critical steps is planning. Creating a solid plan includes knowing where and how you are purchasing your tub.  Talk to us prior to buying your tub and we can walk you through the steps and help you save time and money.  For example, we have a loading dock and warehouse.  If you are buying from Costco or online sometimes there is a cheaper fee for loading dock delivery instead of curbside.  We can receive it and bring it to you, so you don’t have a giant hot tub sitting in your driveway while you try to find some movers to get it onto your deck.  Your neighbors will thank you too.  If you are buying it from a private party, then let us tell you what to watch out for and help you avoid buying a junker that will fall apart when it gets moved.  Also consider the cover on the tub.  Hot tub covers can be very costly starting at $350 and going up from there.  If the tub you are considering has a mechanical lift assist on it or not.  This system alone can be nearly $1,000 to install so if it is already there it is an added bonus!  It does require special tools to move so if you are buying one with a mechanical lift for the cover then be sure to let us know.
    2. Round up Equipment – Each step of relocating a hot tub requires different equipment. Blankets, moving straps, dolly furniture, lumber boards, a hand truck, and moving truck are the usual materials, but sometimes a small crane or mechanical lift is needed to load the truck.
    READ STEPS 3 - 8

    3. Drain the Jacuzzi and disconnect the power. Water in the hot tub will make it heavier than it already is.  It’s imperative to empty before the moving process begins.  Draining and disconnecting the hot tub is the responsibility of the customer prior to movers arriving.

    4. Tipping up and placing on sled – Having enough man-power is critical for this step. We assess the tubs outer skirt and decide the best way to shore up and protect the structure from damage or scratches.  Some older hot tubs have wooden skirts that may not handle the weight of the tub when it is turned on its side.  Knowing how to evaluate this and execute the process that will ensure a safe and damage free move is what makes us special.

    5. Load the Truck – Once step #4 is complete, our state of the art lift gates, or flat-beds make it easy to load onto the truck.

    6. Cover and Secure – On the truck, the jacuzzi is secured with straps and covered with blankets for safe transport

    7. Unload – At the new location, safely unloading the hot tub to the preferred and designated area is our priority. Make sure you have a concrete pad poured to place the tub.  If the tub is going onto a deck, then be SURE that the deck is structurally stable enough to handle the weight of the tub with water.  A fully filled hot tub can easily weigh 3-4 thousand LBS and most decks are not designed to handle that much weight concentrated in that small of an area.  You may need a contractor to reinforce your deck to handle the load.

    8. Reinstall – Reinstalling the spa to prepare to fill with water and warm up so you can soak with jets.


    If you’re looking for professional hot tub movers to relocate your jacuzzi, you’ve come to the right place.  We service the Edmonds, Seattle, Shoreline, Bellevue, Lynnwood and Everett areas, including the entire Puget sound.  We can also move your hot tub to your vacation home in Chelan, Leavanworth or Wenatchee or we can move it to the Olympic Peninsula.  Email or call us today!

    Wherever you are looking to soak your bones, trust Careful Movers to get your hot tub there safely.