Careful Movers specializes in both residential and commercial moving, servicing the entire state of Washington and surrounding states. Our name says it all as a top-notch full-service moving company, always going above and beyond our expectations. Being a family-owned and operated company, we thrive on giving you the best moving experience possible, ensuring your belongings are protected and intact upon arrival.

Here at Careful Movers, we move just about anything. Whether it’s local or long distance, relocating apartments, condos, homes, or offices is what we do, and no job is too big or small. With over 25 years of experience, we have served in the Edmonds, Seattle, Vancouver, Spokane, and Bellingham areas and we take pride in making your move stress-free and as seamless as possible.


    Sometimes the most significant stress of moving is the time it takes to pack.  That’s why we offer packing and unpacking services as part of our full-service moving options.  Careful Movers supplies all the boxes, packing materials, and specialty tools if needed.  Our packing service is thorough, meticulous, and well-organized.  Not only will your belongings be fully protected and masterfully packed, but your move will also be swift and easy with this optional add-on.  

    Careful Movers makes the process simple and efficient.  People tend to think shopping for a mover is like shopping for someone to clean your pool.  You might call around to find the cheapest hourly rate, but in this industry, there’s so much more to it than just an hourly rate. That’s why at Careful Movers we do a lot of things that make our moving company stand out from others.  We’ll send out our team and our trucks with an air ride covered van, top notch moving equipment, and thick professional moving pads to protect your furniture.  We have E-track logistical tie down systems that ensure the load doesn’t shift. When we enter a home, we roll out carpet runners and protect your railings and banisters.  We inspect all furniture and remove glass shelves and band the doors closed with professional grade rubber bands. We bring a power drill in and quickly dis-assemble your kids bunk beds and have all the “specialty tools” ready to take on any task. Suddenly that $10/hour you saved hiring budget movers doesn’t seem like such a savings especially when they took twice the time to do your move and everything is damaged.  Don’t make your decision based on hourly rate alone.  With Careful Movers we make sure you get what you pay for!


    Professional Custom Crating and Shipping

    We also offer crating services for any heavy-duty item(s) that needs transporting from your home or office.  Whether it’s a grand piano, hot tub, or office electronics, we can pack it, crate it, and ship it to your new location.  



    Any quote given is based on a few factors when working with a full-service moving company.

    • Total Weight – The weight of your items will help determine how much your move will cost. The more stuff you have, the bigger truck you’ll need, and the time it’ll take to load and unload it.
    • Distance – Mileage, fuel, and the driving time of the movers will affect your moving cost. With local moves inside of 60 miles most moves are performed on an hourly basis.  There are many factors that
    • Labor costs – Moving industry has one of the highest employee costs in the state. All of our movers are insured by Labor and Industries as well as our own liability coverage.
    • Packing costs – This includes packing time, materials needed, and furniture that requires disassembling and reassembling.
    • Liability and valuation coverage – Full or partial coverage is important during a move in case an item gets damaged or lost.
    • Storage in transit Applies to households or businesses that need temporary storage before, during, or after relocating. Many times, you will need to vacate a sold home before your new one closes, or you have to be out of an apartment before a new one is available.  In this case we offer storage in our heated warehouse.  We load your belongings up and bring back to our warehouse.  With loading dock access and special short term ground floor space for short term storage we can save you money on extra time and money to find a mini storage and unload all of your goods into some second rate cold storage with a 100 yard hike down a hall way.  With our SIT (storage in transit) service we leave our professional moving pads on your furniture and quickly offload right into our cozy heated, video secure warehouse.  This is private storage, so it is not open to the public.